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A call to arms

What would be the worst thing that could happen to a photographer? Loosing all your work for the past 10 years is the answer to that. This has just happened this morning to our good mate Tony Middleton, some low life piece of shit has broken into his home and stolen all of his camera equipment including 10 hard drive backups of his digital images. He is obviously devastated. I am devasted for him.  Unfortunately he is not insured but nothing can replace some of those awesome images he’s taken.  If everyone can keep their eyes open on ebay and the like for the following items which may appear over the next couple of months so that karma has a chance of catching up with these arseholes. I guess if something does appear then contact Tony who will contact the police. We need to everything we can to get the poor bastard up and taking those beautiful images again and giving him our support is the first thing.

Fuji G6 17

Canon 5d mark 11 missing rubber on HDMY port and bit of rust on hot shoe

Canon 70-200 L series F2.8 mint

Sigma 50mm Canon Mount 1.4 mint

Canon 17-40 F4 L with chipped filter thread

13 inch Macbook Pro 250gb 2.55 processor

5 x western digital 750gb portable hard drive

8 responses

  1. True North Mark

    That is probably the most devastating news I have ever read on a blog Andrew.

    I bet Tone is gutted…I will send him an email.

    The annoying part of it all is the arsewipes who stole the gear will probably sell it all for a fraction of its worth.

    Thanks for the heads up!

    November 16, 2010 at 10:56 am

  2. I guess he wasn’t insured. Then how do you insure your images. We must help the guy out.

    November 16, 2010 at 4:02 pm

  3. Hi Andrew
    This is indeed bad news for Tony. I can’t think of anything worse than loosing camera gear let alone all of the images.
    Mark’s sending me through the bank numbers so I’ll have thing through in the next couple of days.
    Great to see mates helping each other out!

    November 16, 2010 at 10:42 pm

  4. Unbelievable! Your description of these lowlifes is spot on!
    Have to see how we can help out.

    November 16, 2010 at 11:27 pm

  5. Bloody hell… that would be gut wrenching.

    Gear’s easy to replace, relatively speaking , but images gone, that’s heart breaking.

    Chin up if your reading this Tony.

    Whats the bank number thing Dave ?

    November 16, 2010 at 11:39 pm

  6. tone

    Hi Andrew and everyone 🙂
    Thank you and all your generosity – it leaves me speechless knowing that all my friends here are there for me without question or asking. It’s great to know there are more wonderful ppl than scumbags ! I’m limited to all my electronic and camera equipment, that I have left – my phone !
    Once I get over the anger and disappintment of losing my work and all my dearest possessions I can’t wait to somehow rebuilding and then shooting again 🙂
    Best wishes and unthinkable thanks,
    Tone 🙂

    November 17, 2010 at 7:10 pm

    • Mate, it is the least that we can do, just wish there was more…..just give me a buzz if I can help out in any way

      November 18, 2010 at 10:48 am

  7. timwratephotography

    Gutting news – absolutely horrible!

    December 2, 2010 at 9:22 am

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