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Rainforest Island

Can’t help but shoot green at the moment, another 3inches of rain overnight and this stream is roaring, water everywhere. Forest floor is sodden and the place is fresh and alive. Took one series of images on this trip but have found plenty more possibles for another day. Even found a lyrebird feather which is a rare find indeed.

Liffey Lush

Long time between posts, friggin busy time for me trying to balance out lots of things. Here is a little scene from a recent trip to Tassie.  The best composition was in the middle of the river, so I rolled up the strides and gave it a crack…..lasted about 30 seconds as the water was that cold that my bones ached to the point of thobbing  pain, even 5 minutes after getting out. Must be getting soft. Haven’t been in water that cold since a white water rafting expedition in Canada.

Rainforest Cascade

Been to this location many times (one of my local favourites) and took Tony Middleton up for a look.  This time though took a very handy photographic tool……gumboots……so more exploration was possible off the beaten track although it was wet with constant drizzle.  Difficult shoot really, cleaning lens’, frozen hands and a wet arse…….plus a leech ear ring at one point but it was all worth it as this place is magic. Standing in the creek of icy water I captured this scene.

Rivers End

Another shot from the South Gipplsland region where you have to fight off the crowds to get a shot…….not. The moss/lichen on the rocks was what attracted me to the scene in the first place but the river flowing into the sea was also nice, and then the sand patterns…………not to mention the view with the cape in the background cystral clear………..and this is the spot that the state government decide to put a fucken desalination plant!. Talk about rectal cranial inversion. 

Sth Gippsland Glow

Long time between posts. The beautiful bass coast in Southern Victoria, with the sand patterns and dunes illuminated by the suns first rays. Magic part of  the globe that few people see. 

Alpine Moods

Sitting at around 1650m ASL, Tony Middleton and I found a nice little sheltered spot behind a vertical boulder the size of a bus and watched the ever changing moods of the alpine landscape without the icy Autumn breeze. Managed to capture some nice light on the burnt snow gums as the sun danced quickly across the landscape and touching the peaks. I love the power and the moods of the mountains and the feeling of being in them.

Water Sculpture

A new perspective on some waterfalls in the Victorian Alps. The sculpting of the granite over time by water drew my attention so extracted the 70-200mm out of the bag and came up with this abstract of the colour and form of the rockface, which is sometimes devoid of water during really dry times.

Colourful veil

Another image from Autumn in Bright. 9 image stich

A Bright Day

Typical Bright Day, crisp frosty mornings with the mist rising off the river, followed by a cloudless blue sky. I’m lucky enough to have seen many of these mornings.


Blue Lake Meadows

Bit of a contrast to my previous posts, back up into the Snowy mountains and the glacial lakes of Mt Kosciuszko.


Golden Rays

I guess this is the reason why we get up at 4:30am, walk and have breaky in the bush. The immensely beautiful country around Purnalulu. The golden drifts of wattle interspersed with drifts of intense red grevillias was a sight to behold only, but throw in the domes of Purnalulu and you have this epic scene.  The only way to fully appreciate is to be there but other than that, an 80 inch print might suffice!.

Dome Reflection

Was trawling through the raw files of the trip and found a different composition of a Purnalulu scene so this one is for Truenorth Mark, as always mate, appreciate your comments and critique…


Kimberley Ghost

One of my favourite trees, the ghost gums. I have planted about 7 in the front yard of my place in the Dandenong Ranges, however it is not until you see them in their natural habitat that you get the true appreciation for them, especially with the backdrop of these awesome Kimberley ranges.

Gorgeous Emma

Beautiful rainforest reflections of a plunge pool below Emma Gorge. The magic  contrast between the deep orange cliff and the deep greens of the foliage, not to mention the colour of the water…..and the reflection of the forementioned make for a scene of peace and tranquility.

Emma Gorge

My take on Emma Gorge, another must see off the Gibb River Road.

El Questro Gorge

A change up from the boabs and ranges, the El Questro gorge is an adventure to get to, similar to some of the Karigini locations. Bit of wading, followed by rock climbing and boulder hopping…….and snake dodging, but at the end this scene awaits. The water colour is fair dinkum.


A different take on the boab scenes which had me hooked. Taken just after a low intensity burn passed through the area. None of the boabs were touched, just the spinifex seems to burn up there.

Big Fella

Took me a long while to find a suitable location to attempt to capture the grandeur of the boab. On my last night in the Kimberley, I think I found it. Not the biggest around but beneath the best backdrop and lit up by the dusty sun this big fella looks quite stately.



Golden Purnalulu

It’s got me buggered why the East Kimblerley is on WA time when it is way closer to Darwin. Meant way too many 4:00 mornings to get the good early light and then dark by 5:15. Anyway, here is one of the early morning scenes in the Bungles.

Bushfire Boabs

Just got back from East Kimberley, an epic part of the country as most of you know.  Took this shot off the beaten track with fires burning in the background. This to me, is the Kimberley.

The Last Post

Well for a while anyway, heading up to the top-end and across to the East Kimberly for a short trip. Been a while (13 years) since I was in those parts as a backpacker with $1300 in the bank picking squashes and pulling out paw paw trees, picking up glasses in nightclubs, painting the nightclub during the day and trying to live off $20 day (character building they say)….. and taking photos with a shitty little 35mm instamatic, needless to say this will be a slightly different experience, although some of the places I’ll be heading won’t need money but a decent camera might come in handy.  Massive thanks to my little family for letting me follow my dreams… hopefully one day it will pay off.

The shot below was taken on a different morning to the previous, similar post. Think that I like more.

Charlottes Reflection

Up on the Charlottes Pass plateau at sunset looking across the boulder plains and golden grasses lighting up and reflecting in the tarn

Winters Door

The dropping leaves and frozen paddocks of the Snowy Mountains just before winter.

The Valley

Giving a wider perspective on the previous post, had to process this up as the mist patterns in the foreground with glimpses of forest drew me into the image reiterating what a morning it was and how lucky I am to live in the hills, until getting to work that is……