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Gorgeous Emma

Beautiful rainforest reflections of a plunge pool below Emma Gorge. The magic  contrast between the deep orange cliff and the deep greens of the foliage, not to mention the colour of the water…..and the reflection of the forementioned make for a scene of peace and tranquility.


A different take on the boab scenes which had me hooked. Taken just after a low intensity burn passed through the area. None of the boabs were touched, just the spinifex seems to burn up there.

The Last Post

Well for a while anyway, heading up to the top-end and across to the East Kimberly for a short trip. Been a while (13 years) since I was in those parts as a backpacker with $1300 in the bank picking squashes and pulling out paw paw trees, picking up glasses in nightclubs, painting the nightclub during the day and trying to live off $20 day (character building they say)….. and taking photos with a shitty little 35mm instamatic, needless to say this will be a slightly different experience, although some of the places I’ll be heading won’t need money but a decent camera might come in handy.  Massive thanks to my little family for letting me follow my dreams… hopefully one day it will pay off.

The shot below was taken on a different morning to the previous, similar post. Think that I like more.

Morraine Glow

After starting a walk in shorts and t-shirt and finishing in beanie, shell Jacket and everything else I had with me (plus a decent dose of man flu) I looked back to where I had come from and noticed the grass on the edge of one of the glacial lakes on Mt Kosciuszko light up before fading to dull grey. Impressive country this, all shaped by ice. Should really shorten the name of the place as kosciuszko is a shit to spell.

Mountain Ranges

Up in the mountains over easter, nothing new there.  Some people are drawn to the beach more, I seem to be drawn to mountains. This one is my favourite, Mt Buffalo. With this particular shot I had to back the saturation off as it looked too intense to be real! Tony Middleton was with me, shooting off in the other direction to the pastel hues that he is renowned for.

Forest Recovery

This is some of the hardest hit areas of the Black Saturday fires, just ghosts of the forest that once was, but regrowth starting to shoot up from the ground

Flinders Billabong

Back processing some older images from a trip earlier in the year, Flinders Ranges, after a bit of rain filling the billabong. It had just stopped raining so the colours in the tree trunks came alive

Rainforest Reflection

A natural lake created 50 years ago by a landslide. Is now the home of platypus (saw a couple off in the distance) and unreal reflections, especially when the wattle is in full bloom. Been wanting to capture this location for a while as it is relatively unknown.

Pot of Gold

Pays to hang around and experience a place as you never know what is around the corner, maybe a pot of gold