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Mountain Storm

Headed up to my local lookout point last night and watched this bad boy approach. Two spring storms in a week is pretty good going for this time of year.

Golden View

Probably not a technically correct composition but is still one of my favourites from the trip. I’d spotted this location on a drive around the dirt tracks and creek crossings of the back tracks of the Grampians. Came back later in the afternoon not expecting much as it was cold, overcast and bloody windy. It was a bush bash to get to but spending some time alone on the cliff tops watching the ever changing moods of the shower fronts passing through was an awesome experience. The golden drifts in the image are the acacias in full flower, they are in abundance after a massive fire ripped through here five years ago. There is something about this place. Better settle down now, two posts in a day……

Forest Reflection

Taken in the Otways just off the Great Ocean road during a period with not much rain. Normally it would not be possible to a) slide down the bank to where I took the shot without acquiring personal injury and b) capture the reflection. 

Against the Odds

Probably be the last post from the Flinders Ranges for a while, have a few from around the Lake Eyre region that I’ll start working on next. This is an image of the Chace Range, originally I was looking for Grass trees but noticed this little fella trying his best to survive on a rocky ridge.

Bugger Me

A coincidence occured last week that still has me thinking ‘what are the chances?’. I was travelling with my Dad up to Marree for a helicopter flight over lake Eyre and on the way home we stopped at a ghost town for a billy and to shoot some of the ruins. I was walking back to the car before heading back for another compostion (as per this post). This probably took an extra 3 minutes. On the way out of the ruins we come to a fork in the road where I noticed a 4wd pulling up for us to come through, it looked familiar for some reason……….and so did the driver. ‘Get f%^&%$’ was my comment to my dad ‘it’s Tony Middleton’. 1600km from home in the bloody desert, in a bloody ghost town, a familar face, bugger me. It was almost 1 year since my Dad and I met Tony stranded up at Wallaces Hut in the snow with a flat battery. Just goes to show that it is a small world. Good to see you again Tone.

Silvery Wake

Just returned from Gippsland lake area in Victoria. Was going for a late afternoon walk with one of my boys waiting patiently in the pram for me to shoot a couple of black swans going about their business as the sun gleamed across the lake.

Sea Mist, Wilsons Prom

Wilsons Prom in the early morning stillness with the sea mist hanging on for a few more minutes before another warm day.

Wilson’s Prom Paradise

The sublime Wilsons Promontory, have to walk the best part of 20kms to get to this particular beach but well worth it when you have it to yourself.