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Beyond Blue

Happy New year to everyone. Been down the coast and mnaged to get down to the beach just as this thunderstorm cell was forming off the coast. When it moved inland it dropped 50mm in 20 minutes in a narrow band with reports of hail as well. Not to mention plenty of thunder and lightning. Pretty good Christmas present really. This was only one of several events for this evening which concluded with a sensational sunset, a bloody good Christmas in my books

Sth Gippsland Glow

Long time between posts. The beautiful bass coast in Southern Victoria, with the sand patterns and dunes illuminated by the suns first rays. Magic part of  the globe that few people see. 

Harmers Footprint

Taken a while to get to this one, taken early summer at a relatively unknown location on the Bass Coast.  Lucky enough to get the reflections in the Estuary which, for most of my previous visits to this location, have been little more than a puddle.


The Bass coast at it most placid, best to get out and make the most of it.

The Rocks of Kilcunda

Caught up with Tony Middleton for a shoot or two over the break and lucky enough to have a sunset that went off. This was taken in the same place as the last post so another shot to the left and the desal montronsity would have to be cloned out to maintain the integrity of the image. 

The Pyramid

Wishing everyone a Happy New Year, hope that 2011 produces some cracking images.

Managed to get down to Pyramid rocks on Philip Island before the festival began and was lucky enough to crack it for some nice light and warm tones of the setting summer sun. Impressive coast line this.

Rock Garden

An errie place and wild place this one, taken on Cape Woolamai on Philip Island. Was originally there to get the sunset but that turned into a non-event but was happy enough with the light and conditions


Pre dawn twilight on the Gippsland lakes.

Sea Mist, Wilsons Prom

Wilsons Prom in the early morning stillness with the sea mist hanging on for a few more minutes before another warm day.

Wilson’s Prom Paradise

The sublime Wilsons Promontory, have to walk the best part of 20kms to get to this particular beach but well worth it when you have it to yourself.


My creativity for a title for this has left me this morning but I’ll post anyway and come back to it, unless I get any suggestions in the meantime? Was taken the other day before the sunset shot from the previous post, was happy enough with this sort of scene with subdued tones.harmpano

Winter Reflections

Caught up with Tony Middleton for a chilly sunset shoot down on the rugged beautiful South Coast.  Had been keeping an eye on the clouds through out most of the day and was happy to see them building a little as we’d had a light frost at home that morning.  We both thought that they may have built a little too much for a nice sunset…….we were both wrong. The colours were extraordinary and lasted for ages. harmers1-Panorama