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Charlottes Reflection

Up on the Charlottes Pass plateau at sunset looking across the boulder plains and golden grasses lighting up and reflecting in the tarn

Morraine Glow

After starting a walk in shorts and t-shirt and finishing in beanie, shell Jacket and everything else I had with me (plus a decent dose of man flu) I looked back to where I had come from and noticed the grass on the edge of one of the glacial lakes on Mt Kosciuszko light up before fading to dull grey. Impressive country this, all shaped by ice. Should really shorten the name of the place as kosciuszko is a shit to spell.

The Shed

On my way to drop off prints for an exhibition I decided to take an early morning detour through granite boulder (Ned Kelly) country looking for a boulder field to shoot.┬áDidn’t find what I was looking for but came across this scene. Nice country.

Boulder Country