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Tank tracks

Posting this for Merv as a different perspective of an earlier post. Again, taken at about 2000ft above the plains of the Marree to Lake Eyre section of the Birdsville Track. Focuses more on the cattle than the other shot. Not sure if one is better than the other but I guess will just depend on personal taste. Hope that you approve Merv….

All roads lead to…..the Waterhole

Image taken on my most recent adventure, to see lake Eyre full from the air. This shot was taken in between the big fella and Marree from 2000ft just off the Birdsville track. Off the right of the watertank are a few bullocks coming in for their daily water. This is tough country. I love it. ┬áHad quite a bit of rain but still on the cusp of desert, not sure how the cattle survive in a bad year let alone a good one. Not sure if cattle should be here either to be honest, land is marginal at best and more suited to the roos and emus but the farmers persist….for now. Tough people.