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Faint Hope

Taken on the way out of the Flinders Ranges on a moody morning before the onset of more rain.

Flinders Billabong

Back processing some older images from a trip earlier in the year, Flinders Ranges, after a bit of rain filling the billabong. It had just stopped raining so the colours in the tree trunks came alive

Flinders Fields

Pays to have good eyesight in this gig. Spotted this little gem from the road, 1km away, then had to get up to him. I was expecting to see the grass trees scattered about the Flinders but they were confined to a specific area in the south. No doubt they are my favourite form of plant and can be found in Noosa to Wilsons Prom and across to the Stirling ranges.  This bloke here could be 400 years old.

Wilpena Walls

Wasn’t going to post any more Flinders Ranges for a while but changed my mind.  Love the light up there, even on a crappy day it can turn in your favour, even if it’s for 5 minutes out of the entire day, such as this particular day.

Against the Odds

Probably be the last post from the Flinders Ranges for a while, have a few from around the Lake Eyre region that I’ll start working on next. This is an image of the Chace Range, originally I was looking for Grass trees but noticed this little fella trying his best to survive on a rocky ridge.

Nowhere over the rainbow

Taken on a sheep station looking towards the western flank of the Flinders Ranges. Disturbed a large flock of corellas to get this image but on the large file a couple can still be seen in the tree to the right of the windmill.

Bugger Me

A coincidence occured last week that still has me thinking ‘what are the chances?’. I was travelling with my Dad up to Marree for a helicopter flight over lake Eyre and on the way home we stopped at a ghost town for a billy and to shoot some of the ruins. I was walking back to the car before heading back for another compostion (as per this post). This probably took an extra 3 minutes. On the way out of the ruins we come to a fork in the road where I noticed a 4wd pulling up for us to come through, it looked familiar for some reason……….and so did the driver. ‘Get f%^&%$’ was my comment to my dad ‘it’s Tony Middleton’. 1600km from home in the bloody desert, in a bloody ghost town, a familar face, bugger me. It was almost 1 year since my Dad and I met Tony stranded up at Wallaces Hut in the snow with a flat battery. Just goes to show that it is a small world. Good to see you again Tone.

Flinders View

The striking view of the Flinders Ranges in silouette. Freezing cold wind blowing so made use of the car to protect from most of it so that I could use a longer lens.

The Rains

Looks to be good rain in the Flinders Ranges this year, bringing back life and greenery to a otherwise dry landscape. Lots of new redgums shooting in the creek beds, lots of wildlife, great to experience. This image was taken in the Aroona Valley, just near the ruins but I climbed to the ridge above and watched the shower passing through. The drive out on slippery dirt roads was seriously good fun.