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Golden Pathway

Taken in the Grampians when the wattles were at their finest contrasting against the black stumps of recent bushfire


Seemed to be focused on shooting into the sun on the recent trip to Tassie, mainly as I love silouettes and muted tones as much as the vibrant scenes, if not a shade more



The Cauldron, Bay of Fires

Been a while since the last post so thought that I’d put one of my favourites some the recent trip up. Lucked it for some nice swells on a clear morning on the Bay of Fires, a beautiful part of the world



Located in the beautiful Bay of Fire region in Tasmania, this blow hole blasting a sheet of beautiful white water contrasting against a beautiful blue sky was a welcome treat after spending the better part of a week in the wet. bofire6

Last Light

Unusually calm on the south coast this evening so light swells and not too chilly…..not bad for late winter. 



My creativity for a title for this has left me this morning but I’ll post anyway and come back to it, unless I get any suggestions in the meantime? Was taken the other day before the sunset shot from the previous post, was happy enough with this sort of scene with subdued tones.harmpano

Winter Reflections

Caught up with Tony Middleton for a chilly sunset shoot down on the rugged beautiful South Coast.  Had been keeping an eye on the clouds through out most of the day and was happy to see them building a little as we’d had a light frost at home that morning.  We both thought that they may have built a little too much for a nice sunset…….we were both wrong. The colours were extraordinary and lasted for ages. harmers1-Panorama

Icy Pole

Taken a while back on a balmy evening in the Vic high country on top of Mt Buffalo. Can only just see the faint outline of the Cathedral on the left which was about 50 metres away through the fog. The fires had been through relatively recently and created this juxtaposition of fire and ice.ABvm004

The Washing Machine

Strong northerlys whipped up across the bay so managed an under pier shot with a difference. Didn’t want the HDR look so chose to blow out the sky and water on the outside of the pier and got some interesting light bursts. Does it work?

Washing Machine

Old Man Tree

Old Man Tree

 The magnificent mountain ash forest of the Dandenong Ranges. Lucky enough to have this just up the road from my place.

Choir of Hard Knocks

Not sure if this church is still operational but looked good to me in the early hours with this  different composition and b&w processing….



Lucky enough to get into Wallace before the big dump of snow that occured later that day and the following couple. Also assisted a traveller in need who had camped up there and had a flat battery……turned out to be none other than Tony Middleton…….nice to meet you Tony.