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Beyond Blue

Happy New year to everyone. Been down the coast and mnaged to get down to the beach just as this thunderstorm cell was forming off the coast. When it moved inland it dropped 50mm in 20 minutes in a narrow band with reports of hail as well. Not to mention plenty of thunder and lightning. Pretty good Christmas present really. This was only one of several events for this evening which concluded with a sensational sunset, a bloody good Christmas in my books

‘Strike a light’

Tony Middleton’s storm chasing exploits and subsequent brilliant shots has inspired me to go hunting through some of mine……. This was from a storm back in Dec ’04 and was taken from the deck of my previous house on the edge of Dandenong Ranges National Park….looking towards the action over Melbourne. It was some show, 35 kms away. This is a 3 image blend,  not done particularly well but as each image was 20 seconds you get the idea of the amount of lightning strikes in a minute…..