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Rainforest Island

Can’t help but shoot green at the moment, another 3inches of rain overnight and this stream is roaring, water everywhere. Forest floor is sodden and the place is fresh and alive. Took one series of images on this trip but have found plenty more possibles for another day. Even found a lyrebird feather which is a rare find indeed.

Rainforest Cascade

Been to this location many times (one of my local favourites) and took Tony Middleton up for a look.  This time though took a very handy photographic tool……gumboots……so more exploration was possible off the beaten track although it was wet with constant drizzle.  Difficult shoot really, cleaning lens’, frozen hands and a wet arse…….plus a leech ear ring at one point but it was all worth it as this place is magic. Standing in the creek of icy water I captured this scene.