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Hard Country

Back across to South Australia, the ruin capital of the country. Managed to capture these ruins in beautiful light as the sun peered through the horizon, before hitting the cloud bank. Have to watch where you are walking around ruins, bits of tin and wire. Off to the left is an uncovered well about 10ft deep so my tip is don’t run around at night time, pissed.

Hands of Time

Taken underneath an overhang in a little known national park N.E of Broken Hill. Lovely little gorges and rock formations in the middle of semi-arids plains. Took this shot a few years ago but have revisted and reprocessed it with the skills acquired over that time. Always good to go through your portfolio and revisit not only the images that weren’t processed but also the ones that were, as there are always improvements to be made as new techniques and processes are learnt. 

Lake Eyre Pastels

Here is the image again after applying Marks recommendations. Used a black layer @ 20% soft light layer and masked out some of the sky with a 50% mask. Thanks again Mark, great to bounce ideas off talented individuals. I think that it has helped improve definition in this image and really brought out the pastels. Scroll down to see the first post.

Taken a while to get to some of these shots but here is Lake Eyre semi full for the second year in a row. This event occurs once every 20 years and I believe that it is still filling. It is an extraordinary thing to see up in a helicopter as it is immense, not to mention difficult to photograph. This was taken on the southern part of the lake trying to get some foreground interest of some of the salt not yet covered by water with the western beach on the horizon to give some scale. Looking north there is no land on the horizon. One thing is for sure, an image does not come close to being there.

Tank tracks

Posting this for Merv as a different perspective of an earlier post. Again, taken at about 2000ft above the plains of the Marree to Lake Eyre section of the Birdsville Track. Focuses more on the cattle than the other shot. Not sure if one is better than the other but I guess will just depend on personal taste. Hope that you approve Merv….


An abstract 3 image stich from 2000ft above the plains along the Birdsville track heading towards Lake Eyre  after recent rains. No sign of any greenery here though.  

Choir of Hard Knocks

Not sure if this church is still operational but looked good to me in the early hours with this  different composition and b&w processing….