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Rainforest Island

Can’t help but shoot green at the moment, another 3inches of rain overnight and this stream is roaring, water everywhere. Forest floor is sodden and the place is fresh and alive. Took one series of images on this trip but have found plenty more possibles for another day. Even found a lyrebird feather which is a rare find indeed.

Liffey Lush

Long time between posts, friggin busy time for me trying to balance out lots of things. Here is a little scene from a recent trip to Tassie.  The best composition was in the middle of the river, so I rolled up the strides and gave it a crack…..lasted about 30 seconds as the water was that cold that my bones ached to the point of thobbing  pain, even 5 minutes after getting out. Must be getting soft. Haven’t been in water that cold since a white water rafting expedition in Canada.


Been thinking about returning to one of my little spots out the back of Marysville for some time but unsure of what I would find after the most devastating fires in history only 2 years ago. The drive up there wasn’t looking good, probably 90% of the gums are not coming back, they are now the ghosts of forest past and a reminder of the power of nature and the respect that it deserves.  The beech trees have also been hit hard but there is new growth, acacias and tree ferns but might be 40-50 years before the forest looks as feels as it was. Arriving at my little spot I found that even the wettest place in the forest had been hit by the fire but found it quite ironic that in the same month as two years ago the water in the river is pumping, higher than winter even. One of the bridges sustained damage a few weeks ago, from flooding, not fire. I guess that everything will find balance once again.

Rainforest Reflection

A natural lake created 50 years ago by a landslide. Is now the home of platypus (saw a couple off in the distance) and unreal reflections, especially when the wattle is in full bloom. Been wanting to capture this location for a while as it is relatively unknown.

Forest Reflection

Taken in the Otways just off the Great Ocean road during a period with not much rain. Normally it would not be possible to a) slide down the bank to where I took the shot without acquiring personal injury and b) capture the reflection. 

Little River torrent

Normally the aptly named Little River in the Cathedral Ranges is just that, little. I had planned to get my feet cold and wet to get a nice low shot of the beautiful rocks but a decent amount of rain the night before created somewhat of a torrent with gullies and tributaries all flowing.


Looking at True North Marks posts from Van Diemans Land I decided to head back to the archives…Cradle Mountain National park after about 4 inches of rain. Didn’t let up for days but this is normal for this place.  If been here a few times including the beginning of Jan with a blizzard on the Overland track, still a wild place.

The Cradle

This little glimpse was the best in 4 attempts at a sunset but that is the nature of Cradle Mountain. I’ve hiked right past it and not seen a thing on other  occasions as it was a blizzard in the middle of summer so I have nothing but respect for the place in it’s wildness.  The same can’t be said for the amount of tourists that head up there, so many now that you have to catch a bus into the place in the peak and they have converted an old airfield into a car park at the terminal, I reckon enough space for 1000+ cars!  All the more reason to go in the cooler months as you almost have the place to yourself and can go in and out as you please, although decent light opportunities are fleeting and getting to the locations is a trudge through snow. 



Taken during our recent trip to Tassie after nearly a foot of rain for the month. Got sick of trying to get a glimpse of  Cradle mountain with crap light so headed into the forest using the umbrella to keep the drizzle, sleet and snow off the lens. I guess that this is when the forest is at it’s best – wet. 


Cement Creek

A rainforest creek at the base of Mt Donabuang, the closest mountain to Melbourne for toboganning in a good snow season. This shot was taken on a beautiful sunny day but on the southern slopes of the mountain where the sun rarely shines.