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Hard Country

Back across to South Australia, the ruin capital of the country. Managed to capture these ruins in beautiful light as the sun peered through the horizon, before hitting the cloud bank. Have to watch where you are walking around ruins, bits of tin and wire. Off to the left is an uncovered well about 10ft deep so my tip is don’t run around at night time, pissed.

Flinders Fields

Pays to have good eyesight in this gig. Spotted this little gem from the road, 1km away, then had to get up to him. I was expecting to see the grass trees scattered about the Flinders but they were confined to a specific area in the south. No doubt they are my favourite form of plant and can be found in Noosa to Wilsons Prom and across to the Stirling ranges.  This bloke here could be 400 years old.