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Alpine Moods

Sitting at around 1650m ASL, Tony Middleton and I found a nice little sheltered spot behind a vertical boulder the size of a bus and watched the ever changing moods of the alpine landscape without the icy Autumn breeze. Managed to capture some nice light on the burnt snow gums as the sun danced quickly across the landscape and touching the peaks. I love the power and the moods of the mountains and the feeling of being in them.

Water’s Edge

Love the colour of the rocks and the crystal clear mountain water on Mt Buffalo in the Victorian Alps. Wouldn’t want to suffer vertigo here and lots of water ripping over it from recent high levels of rainfall making it a place to be respected as well as admired.

The Avenue

Lots of images over the past month coming out of Bright and the alpine valleys so thought that I wait a bit to post this. If anyone is heading up/down/across that way check out  It is my Dad’s business and he’ll look after you, just mention me.

Icy Pole

Taken a while back on a balmy evening in the Vic high country on top of Mt Buffalo. Can only just see the faint outline of the Cathedral on the left which was about 50 metres away through the fog. The fires had been through relatively recently and created this juxtaposition of fire and ice.ABvm004

Cement Creek

A rainforest creek at the base of Mt Donabuang, the closest mountain to Melbourne for toboganning in a good snow season. This shot was taken on a beautiful sunny day but on the southern slopes of the mountain where the sun rarely shines.



Lucky enough to get into Wallace before the big dump of snow that occured later that day and the following couple. Also assisted a traveller in need who had camped up there and had a flat battery……turned out to be none other than Tony Middleton…….nice to meet you Tony.