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Liffey Lush

Long time between posts, friggin busy time for me trying to balance out lots of things. Here is a little scene from a recent trip to Tassie.  The best composition was in the middle of the river, so I rolled up the strides and gave it a crack…..lasted about 30 seconds as the water was that cold that my bones ached to the point of thobbing  pain, even 5 minutes after getting out. Must be getting soft. Haven’t been in water that cold since a white water rafting expedition in Canada.

Water’s Edge

Love the colour of the rocks and the crystal clear mountain water on Mt Buffalo in the Victorian Alps. Wouldn’t want to suffer vertigo here and lots of water ripping over it from recent high levels of rainfall making it a place to be respected as well as admired.

On the Edge

One for Mark (Mr Extreme) Stothard over in the west.  Taken on the edge at a relatively unknown cascade in the Grampians after plenty of rain in the previous month. I had already taken a normal waterfall composition but then decided to climb up to this position for something different after thinking about where other photographers would position themselves. I reckon that Mark would have headed here first.