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Tropical South Coast

Taken a couple of hikes back in record heat for Wilson’s Promontory. Nudging 41 deg’s but still the water was at it’s refreshing best. Never seen the water so clear as this day. Simply magnificient and worth the dehydration cramps to get to it.

Little Waterloo Magic

Taken earlier in the day than the previous post. That makes three posts in an evening so can hopefully outgun Mark Tex True North Stothard and Quickdraw Middleton on this one occasion

Straight Drive

This is an alternative to the shot posted a while back – except this is more than one shot and was a challenge to stich to say the least. Bit of fun taking it but quietly happy with the result and has already found it’s way onto to a retail greeting card.

Refuge Paradise

Refuge Cove at Wilson’s Prom is one of those places that stays with you long after leaving, it is just magnificent and great spot to camp after slogging it over the hills either side.

Refuge Bay

More from Wilson’s Prom, this is the haven known as Refuge Bay where yachts come in to get out of some weather or just chill out. Only by foot or boat is it accessible so it is a magic place. On this day a front was predicted and these were the first clouds associated with it. Ended up with a multi-layered stich so that I could take advantage of them.

The Game

Taken on my recent annual hike down to the south-east coast of Wilson’s Promontory. Surprising after 20kms walking with 22+kgs of gear that anyone had the energy but amazing what a recovery dip and body surf in that cool crystal clear blue stuff will do.

Brighter Days

Change of pace for me back to a shot I took earlier this year down at Wilson’s Prom. Whilst I appreciate all of the seasons the  weather down here at the moment is particularly bloody cold, bleak and slightly depressing so posting this image of this magnificent part of the world on a sublime morning is somewhat uplifting and a reminder that winter will pass soon enough.

Granite Graveyard

Another image from the recent annual hike down at Wilsons Promontory. For those who have not been then I recommend to dust off the hiking gear and walk over to the untouched south east beaches, they are maginificent.

Sea Mist, Wilsons Prom

Wilsons Prom in the early morning stillness with the sea mist hanging on for a few more minutes before another warm day.

Wilson’s Prom Paradise

The sublime Wilsons Promontory, have to walk the best part of 20kms to get to this particular beach but well worth it when you have it to yourself.