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Stormy Ridge

Another Friday night storm, love them. Great build up, then massive downpour, then calm. Unfortunately during this time I was stuck in the office but I noticed whilst cooking the barby that there might be another one on the horizon so in no real rush headed out to a ridge that I hadn’t tried before after an intuitive drive through some of the back roads of the southern Dandenongs. Came across this scene and waited for a bit, was happy with it, then the sun started filtering through lighting up the scene so fired off another round, happier again.

Pasture Island

Another scene, pretty much straight out of camera, no need to saturate any of these greens! Insane considering that it is summer on Thurs….

Yarra Flood

Noticed this scene earlier in the morning on the way to the previus post and returned later in the evening when the clouds had parted with some nice golden light setting off some of the reflected euc bark. This is normally a paddock but has spent quite a bit of this year under water. Great to see really.

The Valley

Giving a wider perspective on the previous post, had to process this up as the mist patterns in the foreground with glimpses of forest drew me into the image reiterating what a morning it was and how lucky I am to live in the hills, until getting to work that is……


Taken this morning looking down over the Yarra Valley on an absolute corker of a morning,  2 degs as the fog hung low in the valley creating islands of mist.

Ghostly Gums

I was drawn to this compostion in the early morning misty light in the Yarra Valley some time ago,  freezing cold. Kind of foreboding but still striking siloette of the dead gums.

The Last of 2009

Happy New Year to all. Wasn’t  on the sauce last night due to a course of anti biotics, which meant that I could storm chase of sorts, only had to drive 5 minutes to my favourite lookout with a 360, the Yarra Valley on one side, the bays on the other.  This shot was taken just before an impressive storm cell dumped 30mm of rain with the best natural fireworks that I’ve seen in while. Good way to cap the year off. This shot is straight out of the camera.