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Colourful reflections

Headed out last night as a small window of nice twilight presented itself after a heavy shower of rain.

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Autumn colour in the Dandenong Ranges

Greener pastures

Just returned from a road trip taking images in the Northern NSW region and came across this scene. Originally trying to capture rainforest images I couldn’t stop looking for scenes to capture the greenist pasture that I’ve ever come across.

A Bright Day

Typical Bright Day, crisp frosty mornings with the mist rising off the river, followed by a cloudless blue sky. I’m lucky enough to have seen many of these mornings.


The Last Post

Well for a while anyway, heading up to the top-end and across to the East Kimberly for a short trip. Been a while (13 years) since I was in those parts as a backpacker with $1300 in the bank picking squashes and pulling out paw paw trees, picking up glasses in nightclubs, painting the nightclub during the day and trying to live off $20 day (character building they say)….. and taking photos with a shitty little 35mm instamatic, needless to say this will be a slightly different experience, although some of the places I’ll be heading won’t need money but a decent camera might come in handy.  Massive thanks to my little family for letting me follow my dreams… hopefully one day it will pay off.

The shot below was taken on a different morning to the previous, similar post. Think that I like more.

Change of Seasons

Just a tip for anyone heading over to Victoria this year for the autumn colours. One of the Japanese maples in the front yard starting turning a couple of weeks ago, about 8 weeks early Here it is as of tonight. Very early Autumn this year

The Project

Haven’t posted much in the past month, this is why. Been thinking about the project for a couple of years and finally decided to give it a crack when the weather turned. This is my largest landscaping project to date, the front yard at my place in the Dandenong Ranges.  If it was a blank canvas then I’d be designing with natives but the maples are well established and magnificent. So far have laid out about 9 tonne of rock into 70 odd metres of wall around the garden bed pretty much dry except for a little mortar at the back for when my little boys run riot. 8 or 9 old Jarrah sleepers,  cleared out old plants, a few new plants interspaced and phase 1 of the project nearly complete. Phase 2 began this weekend….

Clematis Project

Fiery Maple

Had to travel a long way for this shot. 3.5 metres to be exact as it is in my front yard. The Japanese maple in all it’s glory with just the one section yet to turn.

Japanese Maple, Dandenong Ranges