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Forest Giants

ImageTried for a couple of mornings to capture a scene that I’ve had my eye on for a while. The forest is lush at the moment with a few years of decent and consistant rains. A beautiful scene as the sun appeared over the horizon hitting the forest behind. Only problem, leeches. After every shot the little bastards had to be flicked off the boots and socks were tucked into the strides….luckily no fashion police to be seen.


Mirror Bridge

These magnificent gardens are a great place to explore. Whilst I was taken this scene, my two boys were running around, across and through the various bridges, steps and paths. The simple things really.

Paddock of Gold

Noticed a build up of storm clouds out the back of my place so headed out for a bit of a look. Ended up down a dirt track that I’d never been down before trying to get a good look at a passing storm when I eyeballed this scene and promtly ran across the paddock before the light faded and rain hit


Stormy Ridge

Another Friday night storm, love them. Great build up, then massive downpour, then calm. Unfortunately during this time I was stuck in the office but I noticed whilst cooking the barby that there might be another one on the horizon so in no real rush headed out to a ridge that I hadn’t tried before after an intuitive drive through some of the back roads of the southern Dandenongs. Came across this scene and waited for a bit, was happy with it, then the sun started filtering through lighting up the scene so fired off another round, happier again.

The Valley

Giving a wider perspective on the previous post, had to process this up as the mist patterns in the foreground with glimpses of forest drew me into the image reiterating what a morning it was and how lucky I am to live in the hills, until getting to work that is……


Taken this morning looking down over the Yarra Valley on an absolute corker of a morning,  2 degs as the fog hung low in the valley creating islands of mist.

Long Shadow

Noticed this as a potential image for a few years but only this morning with the sun in the right spot did I decide to give it a crack

The three stooges

The colours of these three little clowns going about there morning rituals stand out the deep green of the rejuvenated mountain ash forest.

Mountain Storm

Headed up to my local lookout point last night and watched this bad boy approach. Two spring storms in a week is pretty good going for this time of year.

Winter Sunshine

Growing up we had an acre of daf’s so I have always got fond memories. Even on a cold foggy morning they offer a glimpse of sunshine as a reminder that the spring is not far away

The Project

Haven’t posted much in the past month, this is why. Been thinking about the project for a couple of years and finally decided to give it a crack when the weather turned. This is my largest landscaping project to date, the front yard at my place in the Dandenong Ranges.  If it was a blank canvas then I’d be designing with natives but the maples are well established and magnificent. So far have laid out about 9 tonne of rock into 70 odd metres of wall around the garden bed pretty much dry except for a little mortar at the back for when my little boys run riot. 8 or 9 old Jarrah sleepers,  cleared out old plants, a few new plants interspaced and phase 1 of the project nearly complete. Phase 2 began this weekend….

Clematis Project

Fiery Maple

Had to travel a long way for this shot. 3.5 metres to be exact as it is in my front yard. The Japanese maple in all it’s glory with just the one section yet to turn.

Japanese Maple, Dandenong Ranges

Emerald House

An old shack in the Dandenong Ranges near where I live, slowly leaning into the ground. I like that the trees on either side are also leaning, perhaps in solidarity with the house. Have known about this location for a long time but took the opportunity to photograph it after rain and in fog where the colours are at their deepest.

The Last of 2009

Happy New Year to all. Wasn’t  on the sauce last night due to a course of anti biotics, which meant that I could storm chase of sorts, only had to drive 5 minutes to my favourite lookout with a 360, the Yarra Valley on one side, the bays on the other.  This shot was taken just before an impressive storm cell dumped 30mm of rain with the best natural fireworks that I’ve seen in while. Good way to cap the year off. This shot is straight out of the camera.