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Up early shooting with the crowds that flock to the 12 Apostles this time of year. Thought I’d be the only one there. Anyway, was just about to leave before I noticed the sun lighting up the wave spray and then I noticed the lone photographer on the beach and his silouette giving scale to the cliffs.
12 apostles great ocean road

Johanna Gold

Image taken at the start of a 50km hike along the cliffs of the Great Ocean road from Johanna Beach to the 12 Apostles. Quite a tough section of the track with the peaks and troughs but scenery is magnificent for viewing, not so good for photography as it turns out but a good experience all the same.




Pot of Gold

Pays to hang around and experience a place as you never know what is around the corner, maybe a pot of gold

Southern Squall

The odd weather patterns continued on a recent trip to the Grampians and then down to the Great Ocean Road with freezing antarctic gails. Almost had my beanie blown off on several occasions but managed to capture this nice little squall in some nice morning light by sheltering somewhat in a valley. Funnily enough, bugger all tourists floating about.

Forest Reflection

Taken in the Otways just off the Great Ocean road during a period with not much rain. Normally it would not be possible to a) slide down the bank to where I took the shot without acquiring personal injury and b) capture the reflection.