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Golden contours


Driving around some of the back country dirt roads of southern South Australia I noticed these paddocks and came back later that day as the sun was setting. I do love an old fence post as well and these had heaps of character.


Golden Mass

Abandoned church, south australia

Driving along a fairly remote area of S.A (what isn’t) I decided to turn left down a dirt road to try and take advantage of some nice summer clouds. After a couple of kilometres and cresting a hill this little scene appeared to my delight. No town for miles and only a residence every few km’s but this old church still sits proudly amidst the dry paddocks.



An abstract 3 image stich from 2000ft above the plains along the Birdsville track heading towards Lake Eyre  after recent rains. No sign of any greenery here though.  

Against the Odds

Probably be the last post from the Flinders Ranges for a while, have a few from around the Lake Eyre region that I’ll start working on next. This is an image of the Chace Range, originally I was looking for Grass trees but noticed this little fella trying his best to survive on a rocky ridge.